• I Learned the Foundation Double Crochet (fdc)!!!

    I just learned how to do a foundation double crochet (fdc)!  Okay, you probably won’t understand how wonderful this is unless you crochet.  But basically, it saves me from having to do a foundation chain and then come back and work double crochets into those chains.  Anything that saves me time (especially when it comes to working …

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  • New Nephew Blanket

    New Nephew Blanket!!! (Cotton Candy)

    I’ve completed my first baby blanket for my new nephew.  Lars calls it Cotton Candy.  It’s crocheted with two stands of yarn held together.  One is a variegated yarn (Bernat Funny Prints), and the other is a solid color (Popsicle Blue).  I got one huge skein of each, and I still have about 25% of …

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  • Much Appreciated :-)

    I told my dad that he better use this blanket every day for the rest of his LIFE!  Here he is enjoying it already.  Awwww…And here are some better pics as well.  I almost want to make another one.  Almost…

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  • Daddy's Blanket

    It’s Finally Finished!!!

    *whew*  My fingers are sore!  It was beginning to feel like this was the never-ending blanket, but I finally finished up with the borders and joined all of the panels today.  I even added the pocket on.  I considered keeping it, because of all of the work that I put in, but I wouldn’t do …

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  • Daddy's Afghan

    Daddy’s Crochet Blanket

    I haven’t updated in my site in forever, but it’s not because I haven’t been busy with my yarn!  I’ve been working on a crochet blanket for my dad.  I had to make 13 panels identical to these.  When I actually had time to sit down and work on the panels, it didn’t take long …

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  • Knitting Board Afghan

    Update on the Knitting Board Afghan

    I haven’t been working on it like I should, but I just thought that I’d post so that folks could see how the afghan is coming along.  I’m realizing how impatient I am…because I’m ready for this thing to be done YESTERDAY!  It’s making some strange-looking patterns from the yarn.  My boyfriend’s mom has requested …

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  • Michelle's Scarf

    Michelle’s Scarf

    This was my quickest scarf yet!  Michelle’s specifically asked that I do her a scarf like my infinity scarf.  I wanted to see if I could do one on the loom, so I gave it a shot.   I must have started, unraveled, and restarted this one about 10 times before I got it to my …

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  • Isiah's Scarf

    Isiah’s Scarf

    I tried to pick a stitch that would be as “manly” as possible.  I’m surprised that he even wanted a scarf, because his dad would rather die than own one.  Isiah probably only wanted a scarf because his sisters were getting a custom one, and who can fault him for that? Again, he chose the …

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  • Michaela's Scarf

    Michaela’s Double Knit Scarf

    Before I say anything else, I just have to tell everyone that I did NOT select this color combination.  I let Michaela pick her colors, and she wanted pink and yellow (the brightest pink and yellow she could find, obviously)…so pink and yellow she got!  I could not find a scarf pattern that I liked, …

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  • New Afghan on my Knitting Board!

    It’s here!  It’s here!  It seems like I’ve been waiting weeks for my new Authentic Knitting Board to arrive, but it’s really only been a few days.  It arrived on the same day as my knitting board patterns book, so it was pretty perfect.  I’ve already started my first afghan on it.  It will probably …

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  • Infinity Scarf

    My Infinity Scarf

    From what I understand, an infinity scarf is a scarf that is done in a loop.  Some people like to twist their scarves before they connect it.  That’s what I did for mine.  I used a simple K1P1 seed stitch.  It was my first project using chunky yarn.  I think it was Lion Brand, and …

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  • Hearts Baby Blanket

    This is my first attempt at a needle-knit baby blanket for my nephew.  I’m using the pattern from Knitting on the Net.  I haven’t done much yet, but I’m rather excited at the fact that I’m seeing the hearts begin to form.  It doesn’t take much to please me.  I love seeing my patterns take …

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