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  • I Learned the Foundation Double Crochet (fdc)!!!

    I just learned how to do a foundation double crochet (fdc)!  Okay, you probably won’t understand how wonderful this is unless you crochet.  But basically, it saves me from having to do a foundation chain and then come back and work double crochets into those chains.  Anything that saves me time (especially when it comes to working …

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  • New Nephew Blanket

    New Nephew Blanket!!! (Cotton Candy)

    I’ve completed my first baby blanket for my new nephew.  Lars calls it Cotton Candy.  It’s crocheted with two stands of yarn held together.  One is a variegated yarn (Bernat Funny Prints), and the other is a solid color (Popsicle Blue).  I got one huge skein of each, and I still have about 25% of …

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  • Much Appreciated :-)

    I told my dad that he better use this blanket every day for the rest of his LIFE!  Here he is enjoying it already.  Awwww…And here are some better pics as well.  I almost want to make another one.  Almost…

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  • Daddy's Blanket

    It’s Finally Finished!!!

    *whew*  My fingers are sore!  It was beginning to feel like this was the never-ending blanket, but I finally finished up with the borders and joined all of the panels today.  I even added the pocket on.  I considered keeping it, because of all of the work that I put in, but I wouldn’t do …

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  • Daddy's Afghan

    Daddy’s Crochet Blanket

    I haven’t updated in my site in forever, but it’s not because I haven’t been busy with my yarn!  I’ve been working on a crochet blanket for my dad.  I had to make 13 panels identical to these.  When I actually had time to sit down and work on the panels, it didn’t take long …

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  • Crochet/Knit Bikini Top

    My brother didn’t think that I could make a bikini, so I had to prove him wrong.  I started with a pattern that I’d found on, but then I found that after I made the two cups, the instructions because SUPER confusing from there.  So I had to make up a way to join …

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  • Grey Crochet Scarf

    I’m surprised at how much I like this scarf.  After my first crochet scarf for my mom (switched phones, so I have to figure out how to get the pics off of the other phone), I decided to create my own scarf pattern!  Ambitious…or just crazy?  Either way, I crocheted this one lengthwise, and made …

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  • My First Finished Crochet Project

    I crocheted my mom a scarf!  I thought it would be much harder than it was.  It’s pretty darn long, crocheted lengthwise, and then I did the shell stitches along the outside.  It only took a couple of hours!  I can’t believe it.  Don’t ask about the pea green color, please…LOL…It was the free Vanna Choice …

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  • Crocheting 101

    I took a crocheting class tonight at Joann.  Glad I did!  Not only did I meet an amazing yarn expert in the instructor, but I did learn the basic stitches: cast-on, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. I already have tons of crochet patterns, but I decided to start with a simple scarf.  I began the …

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