• Red Heart Yarn

    Red Heart Team Spirit Yarn

    I probably got more excited about this yarn than I should have…but I got pretty excited about it!  LOL…If you know me, then you already know that I’m a Bulldawg for life!  The red and black was getting bought up automatically.  🙂 I also got some to crochet something for my aunts…and a project for

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  • Infinity Scarf

    My Infinity Scarf

    From what I understand, an infinity scarf is a scarf that is done in a loop.  Some people like to twist their scarves before they connect it.  That’s what I did for mine.  I used a simple K1P1 seed stitch.  It was my first project using chunky yarn.  I think it was Lion Brand, and

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  • Hearts Baby Blanket

    This is my first attempt at a needle-knit baby blanket for my nephew.  I’m using the pattern from Knitting on the Net.  I haven’t done much yet, but I’m rather excited at the fact that I’m seeing the hearts begin to form.  It doesn’t take much to please me.  I love seeing my patterns take

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  • Birthday Scarf

    Birthday Scarf

    Here’s a scarf I made for my brother for his birthday. I got the pattern from Lion Brand, and it’s made using Vanna’s Choice charcoal yarn.  I love this yarn!  How can two yarns that are 100% acrylic be so different?  I am, of course, comparing it to the Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  I

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  • Crochet/Knit Bikini Top

    My brother didn’t think that I could make a bikini, so I had to prove him wrong.  I started with a pattern that I’d found on Ravelry.com, but then I found that after I made the two cups, the instructions because SUPER confusing from there.  So I had to make up a way to join

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  • Ribbed Knit Scarf

    I took the knitting course at Joann’s after I took the crocheting course.  I thought that it would be confusing doing them back-to-back like that…but it wasn’t at all!  I actually did pretty well in the lesson.  I got a lot of, “Why doesn’t mine look like hers?” from my neighbor.  Bless her heart, but

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