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  • Mug Coaster Cozy

    A friend requested some coffee mug cozies. Unfortunately, the one she sent me was knitted, and I’m much more comfortable with crocheting. But I figured out a pattern that would work. The cozy also has a bottom, so it doubles as a coaster. Now those super hot drinks should no longer be a problem! It …

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  • Candy Cane Infinity Scarf

    My parents’ neighbor cursed me out (quite badly) last weekend because I hadn’t made her a scarf yet. I’m not a fan of being yelled at, so I knew that if I ever hoped to visit my parents’ cul-de-sac in peace again, I was going to have to get to making a scarf! I decided …

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  • My First Etsy Order…DONE!!!

    Yay!!! I got an email alert this afternoon that a PayPal payment had just been made to me by someone I wasn’t familiar with. “Hmmmm,” I thought as I clicked on the email. “What is somebody paying me for? Is this some kind of new fraud?” No! Upon opening the email, I discovered that I’d …

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  • UGA Earflap Hat…Done!!!

    It’s finally done!!! I feel bad, because I promised my friend this hat many moons ago. 🙁 I had actually begun work on it some time ago, but then I lost it!!! Luckily, I found it on Sunday. I was working on a scarf for someone who has been quite insistent…but when Rachael asked about …

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  • Red Heart Yarn

    Red Heart Team Spirit Yarn

    I probably got more excited about this yarn than I should have…but I got pretty excited about it!  LOL…If you know me, then you already know that I’m a Bulldawg for life!  The red and black was getting bought up automatically.  🙂 I also got some to crochet something for my aunts…and a project for …

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  • Much Appreciated :-)

    I told my dad that he better use this blanket every day for the rest of his LIFE!  Here he is enjoying it already.  Awwww…And here are some better pics as well.  I almost want to make another one.  Almost…

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  • Daddy's Blanket

    It’s Finally Finished!!!

    *whew*  My fingers are sore!  It was beginning to feel like this was the never-ending blanket, but I finally finished up with the borders and joined all of the panels today.  I even added the pocket on.  I considered keeping it, because of all of the work that I put in, but I wouldn’t do …

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  • Daddy's Afghan

    Daddy’s Crochet Blanket

    I haven’t updated in my site in forever, but it’s not because I haven’t been busy with my yarn!  I’ve been working on a crochet blanket for my dad.  I had to make 13 panels identical to these.  When I actually had time to sit down and work on the panels, it didn’t take long …

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