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  • Candy Cane Infinity Scarf

    My parents’ neighbor cursed me out (quite badly) last weekend because I hadn’t made her a scarf yet. I’m not a fan of being yelled at, so I knew that if I ever hoped to visit my parents’ cul-de-sac in peace again, I was going to have to get to making a scarf! I decided …

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  • Michelle's Scarf

    Michelle’s Scarf

    This was my quickest scarf yet!  Michelle’s specifically asked that I do her a scarf like my infinity scarf.  I wanted to see if I could do one on the loom, so I gave it a shot.   I must have started, unraveled, and restarted this one about 10 times before I got it to my …

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  • Isiah's Scarf

    Isiah’s Scarf

    I tried to pick a stitch that would be as “manly” as possible.  I’m surprised that he even wanted a scarf, because his dad would rather die than own one.  Isiah probably only wanted a scarf because his sisters were getting a custom one, and who can fault him for that? Again, he chose the …

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  • Michaela's Scarf

    Michaela’s Double Knit Scarf

    Before I say anything else, I just have to tell everyone that I did NOT select this color combination.  I let Michaela pick her colors, and she wanted pink and yellow (the brightest pink and yellow she could find, obviously)…so pink and yellow she got!  I could not find a scarf pattern that I liked, …

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  • Infinity Scarf

    My Infinity Scarf

    From what I understand, an infinity scarf is a scarf that is done in a loop.  Some people like to twist their scarves before they connect it.  That’s what I did for mine.  I used a simple K1P1 seed stitch.  It was my first project using chunky yarn.  I think it was Lion Brand, and …

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  • Birthday Scarf

    Birthday Scarf

    Here’s a scarf I made for my brother for his birthday. I got the pattern from Lion Brand, and it’s made using Vanna’s Choice charcoal yarn.  I love this yarn!  How can two yarns that are 100% acrylic be so different?  I am, of course, comparing it to the Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  I …

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  • Ribbed Knit Scarf

    I took the knitting course at Joann’s after I took the crocheting course.  I thought that it would be confusing doing them back-to-back like that…but it wasn’t at all!  I actually did pretty well in the lesson.  I got a lot of, “Why doesn’t mine look like hers?” from my neighbor.  Bless her heart, but …

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  • Grey Crochet Scarf

    I’m surprised at how much I like this scarf.  After my first crochet scarf for my mom (switched phones, so I have to figure out how to get the pics off of the other phone), I decided to create my own scarf pattern!  Ambitious…or just crazy?  Either way, I crocheted this one lengthwise, and made …

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  • My First Finished Crochet Project

    I crocheted my mom a scarf!  I thought it would be much harder than it was.  It’s pretty darn long, crocheted lengthwise, and then I did the shell stitches along the outside.  It only took a couple of hours!  I can’t believe it.  Don’t ask about the pea green color, please…LOL…It was the free Vanna Choice …

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  • Crocheting 101

    I took a crocheting class tonight at Joann.  Glad I did!  Not only did I meet an amazing yarn expert in the instructor, but I did learn the basic stitches: cast-on, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. I already have tons of crochet patterns, but I decided to start with a simple scarf.  I began the …

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  • Black & White Loom Knit Scarf

    In going through the books on loom knitting, scarves tend to be the first patterns that they suggest working on.  So I did.  I just didn’t realize how long it was supposed to be until it started feeling like it would never end!!!  This thing probably ended up being 60″-70″ long, double knit on my Knifty Knitter …

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